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Collagen and Skincare Collagen Health Benefits

Collagen Health Benefits

Collagen is an important component of the skin. Helps the skin to be strong and supple. With age, the amount of collagen decreases. The skin begins to sag, wrinkles increase. Difference Between Local and Oral Collagen

Collagen Skin Type

Collagen is basically a large molecule. When applied to the skin, it is difficult to absorb into the skin. or not absorbed at all. As a result, skin-type collagen becomes just a moisturizer that increases moisture like a regular skin cream.

Collagen For Eating

Collagen has been studied with short molecules such as dipeptide and tripeptide. When eaten, the body can absorb it. In addition, an additional study involving women starting menopause showed that after taking collagen for 4 weeks, it actually led to a decrease in wrinkles.


Collagen is just a dietary supplement. If you want to nourish your skin, you should eat all 5 food groups, avoid sunlight and smoke. get enough rest. This will help your physical health as well as your skin.


Eating Collagen can improve your skin. But there are no long-term studies, and monitoring for side effects is still necessary. It is important to choose the right type of collagen. which is a certified product that complies with the standards

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