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Who Told You to Eat Collagen And Be White?

Who told you to eat collagen and be white

Giving away knowledge about collagen, which we think will make the skin white and bright. How’s it really? Is he really white? Are there any downsides? If it’s really white, can you eat a lot? See!

Collagen is a protein that every human body can produce naturally. Usually works with elastin in the skin. It serves to increase the strength and flexibility of various organs of the body, especially bones. various blood vessels, including the skin. Today we will delve into the skin.

Our body will be able to produce a lot of collagen by the age of 15. This is our young age. If it exceeds 25, it will produce less. Of course, as everyone knows, it makes the skin wrinkled. Wrinkles occur, and then you will agree that collagen helps not only the white matter? Why does a lack of collagen make the skin wrinkled?

Answer: “Collagen doesn’t actually help whiten the skin.” It simply helps replenish or repair worn areas where collagen is lacking in various parts of our body. As a result, the structure of the skin layer becomes more durable, elastic, not flabby. and does not create too deep wrinkles, and when the skin is tightened, it looks more radiant

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