Home Buyer's Guide Collagen Can Nourish Clear Skin And Treat Osteoarthritis, Right?

Collagen Can Nourish Clear Skin And Treat Osteoarthritis, Right?

Collagen Can Nourish Clear Skin And Treat Osteoarthritis, Right?

Collagen is a protein found in bones, cartilage and other tissues of the body of animals and humans. It has the properties to strengthen the skin, make it more elastic and moisturize. Currently, many products with collagen supplements are available. Whether in granules or in the form of a soluble powder, they claim to keep the skin young, radiant and healthy from the inside out. Or sometimes it advertises its medicinal properties to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. But are there any benefits to using collagen supplements in different forms?

Learn More About Collagen And The Source Of Collagen

Collagen Proteins are made up of amino acid subunits. This happens when the proteins from the meat, fish or dairy products consumed are broken down. and return to other proteins, e.g. B. Proteins that aid in the wound healing process, muscle repair or collagen

However, with advancing age, collagen production in the body decreases. At the age of 20, our skin is composed of about 75% collagen, but this collagen is gradually lost. Up to 1.5% per year, resulting in weak tissue connection in different parts of the body. This causes the skin to wrinkle, bend and lose flexibility. and also the joints begin to weaken

Real? Collagen Supplements Help Maintain Youthful Skin

With the desire to maintain youthful and firm skin, many people believe that the advertised properties of collagen supplements suggest that the body can absorb collagen supplements in a partially digested form (collagen hydrolysate) to strengthen the collagen in the skin, which is true to the theory, it is likely that collagen supplements help reduce skin damage. However, in practice, no results have been found to confirm the advertised effectiveness of collagen products.

A 2014 study examined the effectiveness of a collagen product in slowing down the signs of aging and repairing wrinkles. The results showed that only 15% of participants who took the above collagen for more than 60 days experienced a reduction in skin aging and a decrease in wrinkles. The researchers also suggested that the favorable results may be due to other external factors rather than the actual benefits of oral collagen.

Apart from examining the properties of collagen supplements on the skin, this is inconclusive. The British Skin Foundation also insists that collagen consumption does not benefit the skin.

The authoritative health website Netdoctor confirms that although some studies indicate the benefits of collagen consumption to increase collagen production throughout the body, there is still no evidence that collagen consumption is possible. However, the results largely depend on individual factors. Because everyone has a different skin texture and eating habits. It is therefore impossible to confirm the results obtained by consuming collagen. If these products really help, it will take up to 2 months before you feel or see better results.

Do Collagen Skin Creams Really Smooth Wrinkles?

Collagen creams, which claim to have anti-aging properties, affect only the upper layer of the skin. Like other moisturizers, it often reduces the rate of moisture loss by the skin. Only makes the skin smoother. However, whether it’s a moisturizer with or without collagen, they lack the ability to penetrate and absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, no skin cream is effective in reducing collagen loss or eliminating wrinkles.

How Do Collagen Injections Help Reduce Wrinkles?

Collagen is used as a filler known as a filler injection to replace lost collagen from the skin. The introduction of collagen to restore the structure of the skin. Reduces facial wrinkles and some scars. Collagen products used for injection can be extracted from cow cells or from the human body. Currently, the only filler approved for safe use is hyaluronic acid.

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